Discounted Childbirth Packages for International Patients

With over eighteen years of experience serving international patients, we are committed to providing a comfortable and safe experience for you and your baby in El Paso, Texas. Our childbirth packages include prenatal monitoring, baby delivery, private hospital stay, anesthetics and pediatrics. Keep in mind that the prices below have already been discounted for international patients and the rates are non-negotiable.

Total Price Plan      *Prices for 2016

             Vaginal Birth

                           Caesarean Birth

Obstetrics Package
Hospital Package




Obstetrics Package
Hospital Package






Optional Fees: Lab tests arriving at 36 weeks have an additional cost of $179.

Registration and Payments

To enroll in our obstetrics program, a non-refundable enrollment fee of $150 must be made at least two weeks prior to your arrival so we can guarantee an appointment. This fee is payable by credit card or bank wire transfer. The remaining medical fees can be made in person upon your arrival to El Paso. Although we can provide a letter of medical responsibility after your enrollment, we recommend you have your visa prior to your enrollment.

Ask about our prepayment options available for your obstetric services and enjoy this special time of your life by having peace of mind. Due to the advanced stage of the pregnancy and the inability to collect payment on international accounts, all payments must be made at the time of your first consultation. We do not offer credit on our services.

Obstetrics and Gynecological Care

Our team of certified and accredited doctors follow the guidelines of the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology to offer the best service available. If you're experiencing a normal or high risk pregnancy, our team of specialists have the experience to protect the health of you and your new baby. Please note: We do not offer VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Caesarean).

Hospital Experience

We provide our childbearing services at Sierra Medical Center which is a recognized health care provider ranked top five percent in the United States according to HealthGrades. The hospital provides exceptional care to their patients and has some of the best priced maternity packages in the region.

The hospital package includes a two day stay for vaginal birth and three day stay for Caesarean section. In case of an extended stay, the hospital charges $900 a day if the mother requires additional monitoring, and $1300 a day if the baby requires additional care. This fee applies after the second day in the case of vaginal childbirth and the third day in case of Caesarean section. A private suite and the anesthesia professional fee for one epidural is also included.

Patients must be registered at the hospital before they are due for delivery to receive hospital package price. Also, If you arrive in El Paso with sufficient time, we recommend attending the free maternity classes (childbirth and postpartum care, baby care essentials, and breastfeeding) offered by the hospital. If you are interested in a tour of the hospital, its facilities and delivery rooms, call us to schedule an appointment.

Pediatric Service

Upon your delivery, a board certified pediatrician will provide a full check up of your baby.  During your stay in the hospital, you have the option to schedule your child's circumcision for an additional $200. If you are interested in this procedure, you must inform the pediatrician during the baby’s check up.  

Tests and Medical Exams

There are some medical tests required for your delivery in the United States. We accept the following prenatal tests from your home country or you can have them done in a local lab upon your arrival to avoid repeating exams and expenses.

              Obstetric Profile Num. II

•  Blood Type or Blood Group with Rh
•  Antibody Screen of Red Blood Cells (Indirect Coombs)
•  Complete Blood Count (Hematocrit and Hemoglobin)
•  Hepatitis B Surface Antibody
•  HIV
•  Pap
•  Clamydia and Gonorrhea Culture
•  Rubella IgG

              Additional Tests

•  Penta Screen. This test is performed at 16 weeks to rule out chromosome abnormalities (Optional).
•  Urinalysis.
•  Cystic Fibrosis. (Optional).
•  Repeat HIV, Hematocrit y Hemoglobin at 32 weeks.
•  Ultrasounds.
•  Glucose Tolerance Test (O'Sullivan Test). This test is done to rule out gestational diabetes.

If any of the results indicate that additional lab test or (s) are needed to protect the safety of the patient and/or the baby, it will be necessary to order them done. Since this is not common, this would be an additional expense to the patient and is not covered under the delivery package. If you forget your tests at home or you have not had them done, it will be necessary to perform the tests in El Paso. We recommend you provide us a summary of your prenatal care.

Please be advised: It is mandatory to perform an ultrasound during your first visit. This anatomy ultrasound has an additional charge of $250 that is not included in the package.


Most patients stay in a hotel or apartment during their stay in El Paso Texas. There are hotels that are close to the clinic, have all the basic amenities (kitchen, laundry, wifi, cable TV, etc.), and can be rented weekly. Some are located minutes from the hospital with prices starting at $169 weekly.

A considerable factor in budgeting are transportation costs; grocery stores and shopping malls are conveniently located within 10-15 minutes of the hotels listed below which help keep expenses to a minimum. Sun City Cab offers affordable transportation services to our clinic starting at $6 from the following hotels:

Extended stay hotel options

Intown Suites

Independence Place

Value Place


Studio 6

Extended Stay America

Premier temporary housing

For patients who are interested in premier accomodations IDA Prime Corporate Living provides a range of fully furnished apartments to make you feel at home while you wait for the arrival of your baby.

Vacation rentals

Some of our patients prefer renting a furnished room or house to accomodate their stay in El Paso. If you are considering this option, please visit airbnb.

Stem Cell Collection

If you are interested in collecting the umbilical cord blood, it is necessary that you contact one of the companies engaged in the processing and storage of blood to receive your package. Our fee to collect this blood is $50.

Companies that process and storage stem cells

Cryo Cell International

Cord Blood Registry

Via Cord

International Insurance Policies

There are insurance policies that cover medical expenses worldwide. Your insurance agency can inform you if your insurance covers your childbirth in the United States and the steps you need to take. Typically patients pay the expenses and the insurance agency reimburses the medical report with proof of receipts. Viva Seguro has insurance to citizens of Mexico, Central and South America.

Personal Assistance

There are patients who are not accompanied to the city and sometimes require personal assistance before or after your delivery. If you are interested in this type of assistance, the cost is $73 for eight hours and you should notify us in advance to ensure the availability of the assistant.

Refer a Friend Program

If you know someone who wants to give birth in the United States and you'd like to provide your family with some additional income, contact us through our Refer a Friend Program and receive a premium for your participation. Please note: To redeem compensation, referrals must be submitted before the person is enrolled since we cannot pay a referral commission on existing patients.

*We accept all major credit cards Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.
*All prices in U.S. dollars.