Interested in giving birth in the USA?

Our medical group provides specialty birth services in El Paso, Texas, for international patients who wish to obtain U.S. Citizenship for their baby. With over eighteen years of experience, our team of certified medical doctors has provided top quality maternity care for women from all over the world.

At Doctores Para Ti℠, you’ll enjoy the flexibility to receive prenatal care in your country and continue your maternity care with us, just in time for the arrival of your baby.  Many of our patients choose to arrive during the final stages of pregnancy with peace of mind that our medical group will accept them, limiting time away from home and saving costs.  

Benefits of Giving Birth in United States with Doctores Para Ti℠

U.S. Citizenship for your child. Having your baby in the United States/Birthright Citizenship (jus soli) is a right guaranteed under the Fourteenth Amendment of The U.S. Constitution. Doctores Para Ti℠ provides maternity care to international women who enter the United States with proper documentation (passport/visa). It is the responsibility of the patient to have all required travel documentation.

U.S. Citizenship affords your child the opportunity of a high quality education.  The United States of America is home to some of the world’s most prestigious universities and U.S. Citizens have the right to apply for federal student aid, which provides access to scholarships, grants and other financial aid programs to help pay for the rising costs of higher education.

U.S. Citizenship for your child gives your family the security to apply for permanent U.S. residency. After the age of 21, U.S. Citizens can sponsor parents, spouse and minor children to live with them in the U.S. (Immigration Act IR-5).

Save money on your baby's delivery. Our child birth package includes special pricing for obstetrics and gynecology, private hospital stay, and pediatrics. Enjoy discounts available only to our international patients.

Convenience of our central location. Our clinic is just minutes away from hotels, grocery stores, passport office, and county records office (to pick up birth certificate) helping you avoid the stress and the expense of long commutes.

The flexibility of an optional Cesarean-section.  Some of our patients ask about an elective C-section in order to plan ahead for the arrival of their baby.  A C-section may be recommended because of medical reasons that affect your pregnancy, but more and more C-sections are being scheduled for non-medical reasons.  Whenever an elective C-section is performed, the decision is made by the patient and never by the doctor.

What our patients are saying

"I want to use this opportunity to thank you and your team for coordinating the whole process, for the wonderful work and assistance given to my wife during her recent Child birth in El-Paso, Texas. Your professional advice, close monitoring and supervision of the childbirth, enabled my wife to deliver our baby without complications. The warmth and expedient reply to our mails and enquiries, coupled with the second to none reception your team of staff accorded us was exceptional and well coordinated even to the admiration of my little daughter, Melisa. I want to encourage you to sustain this effort as you continue in the giant stride to make this world a global village where human hospitality and lifesaving objectives will be at the fore front of all our endeavors. Thank you very much and may God continue to bless each and every one of you at El-Paso." -George A., Lagos, Nigeria

"I am very happy with Doctores Para Ti in El Paso, TX. The price to have a baby was very reasonable and the location perfect due to the friendly, family oriented faces. I was thankful to find a Korean community that provided warmth and support throughout my stay. Thank You for a blessed experience!" -Soo-jin L., Seoul, South Korea

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